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The Taurus mountain range from the south-west coast of Turkey near Antalya, stretching across as far as the city of Hatay. The mountains run parallel with the Mediterranean curving around the Gulf of Iskenderun. Throughout history, the mountains have stood as an icon for stories and places to create new cultures. The name of the mountain originated from these cultures, the bull was a common depiction for the Eastern storm god, with the ancient Syrians believing the flooding was sent by the Storm-god to fertilise the land.

Evidence of these cultures can be seen near the city of Antalya. 30 kilometres away from the city there are the ancient ruins of Termessos. Built high in the mountains at an altitude of 1665metre it was said to have been one of the most protected with even famous conquerors like Alexander the Great not being able to take it.

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Karacaören, 07740 Kumluca/Antalya

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