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About Turkiye

Welcome to Turkiye. This land is important for its natural beauty and historical richness. Moderate climate conditions and fertile soils have witnessed many settlements in Anatolia from the early ages, and have also witnessed development of advanced civilizations since 10.000 B.C. Known primal sanctuaries, urbanizations that followed villages and towns have always been in this land.140 years of archaeological research fills the windows of museums with unique objects while the research continues.

Istanbul was a capital for Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires; Antakya was discovered by soldiers of King Pergamon, who sent them to “find me the heaven of earth”; Cappadocia has underground cities, churches carved in rocks and gorgeous natural formations; Ephesus is the most splendid ancient city in Anatolia and many more tourism centers are located nearby. Ancient cities, generally located in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, with splendid memorials mostly from the Roman period, are heritages that must be seen.

Sea-sand-sun: tourism can be enjoyed in bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean, where green vegetation meets deep blue sea. Major Holiday centers in these regions, such as Çeşme, Bodrum, Marmaris,  Fethiye, Antalya,and Alanya are always full of tourists. Cultural and natural tours are admired by travelers from all over the world.