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  • Büyükada-nizam, Hamlacı Sk. No:6, 34970 Adalar/İstanbul

The Princes’ Islands which can be reached by regular boat trips are one and a half hour away from Kabataş, and one hour away from Kadıköy. Most İstanbullus refer to the Princes’ Islands as ‘The Islands’ (Adalar). They lie about 20km southeast of the city in the Sea of Marmara and make a great destination for a day’s escape. The Princes’ Islands as suburban areas of Istanbul consist of nine islands located in Marmara Sea. These are; Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazadası, Kınalıada and Sedefadası which are open to settlement and the others are Yassıada, Sivriada, Tavşanadası and Kaşık Island.

The reason it is called the Princes’ Islands is that it is the exile place of palace members, princes, patriarch and emperors who were locked in dungeons or monasteries in Byzantine period. It led the islands to be preponderance as a religious region properties until the middle of 19th century because of the monasteries and churches built over the ruins of Roman temples starting from the Byzantine Period. Some of these monasteries and churches are still active.

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Büyükada-nizam, Hamlacı Sk. No:6, 34970 Adalar/İstanbul

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