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Selimiye Mosque

Since 1575
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Selimiye Mosque in Edirne: A Timeless Masterpiece of Ottoman Architecture

Welcome to Selimiye Mosque, an architectural jewel situated in the heart of Edirne. Commissioned by Selim II and brought to life by the legendary Mimar Sinan between 1568 and 1575, Selimiye Mosque stands as a testament to the brilliance of classical Ottoman architecture.

A Kulliye of Magnificence
This grand complex is not merely a mosque but a kulliye, a harmonious ensemble of structures. At its core lies the majestic mosque, surrounded by madrasas on the southern side of the courtyard. Notably, the Turkish Islamic Art Museum finds its home within the madrasa building, adding cultural richness to the surroundings. To the west, the bustling bazaar, conceived by Architect Davud Aga on the request of Murat III, contributes to the mosque’s revenue with 124 shops predominantly selling souvenirs.

Symbol of Edirne
Selimiye Mosque has transcended its role as a place of worship; it has become the symbol of Edirne. Embraced as a “Master Work” in the words of Mimar Sinan, this architectural marvel boasts a giant dome supported by eight elephant feet, spanning an impressive 31.22 meters in diameter and weighing a colossal 2,000 tons. The rectangular worship area, measuring 40 by 60 meters, is adorned with a small fountain beneath the muezzin maksoorah, a feature reminiscent of early Ottoman mosques.

A Tapestry of Art
Step inside to discover the enchanting beauty of 16th-century Iznik tiles adorning the structure. Intricately placed between arches, niche walls, the sultan maksoorah, and window façade, these tiles transport you back in time. The recent restoration has meticulously renewed pen works, ensuring that the interior continues to showcase its timeless allure.

Courtyard Elegance
The interior courtyard mirrors the main mass in size, embraced by riwaqs and adorned with a graceful fountain at its center. The minarets, each boasting three balconies and standing at an impressive 71 meters, add to the mosque’s grandeur. Notably, the northern minaret balconies offer a unique experience, with three intertwining stairways providing access to their heights.

Selimiye Mosque invites you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Ottoman history and architectural brilliance. As you explore its halls, arches, and courtyards, you’ll undoubtedly sense the enduring spirit of a masterpiece that has stood the test of time.

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Meydan, Mimar Sinan Cd., 22020 Edirne Merkez/Edirne

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