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  • Edirne
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The mosque which was built in a dominating point of the city by Mimar Sinan by the order of Selim II in years between 1568 and 1575 is a masterpiece of the classical period architecture. Complex of structures built as a kulliye; are the mosque in the center of the courtyard and madrasas surrounding the southern side of the courtyard. In the madrasa building Turkish Islamic Art Museum is located. Bazaar in the west corner of the courtyard was built by Architect Davud Aga in request of Murat III in order to “bring revenue to the mosque. There are mostly shops selling souvenirs in the bazaar where 124 shops are aligned shops.

Selimiye Mosque becoming the symbol of Edirne, which is accepted as “Master Work” by Sinan’s own words, is one of the most beautiful works in the Ottoman period. Eight elephant feet carries the giant dome with 31.22 meters in diameter and 2.000 tons. Worship area has a rectangular plan with the size of 40 meters to 60 meters. A small fountain is also added under the muezzin maksoorah which is in the center as it was made in early Ottoman mosques.

The magnificent Iznik tiles of 16th century decorating the structure can be seen between arches carrying niche wall, sultan maksoorah, women maksoorah and on window façade. Pen works has been renewed in the last repair.

Interior courtyard has also the same size as the main mass, covered with riwaqs, and there is an elegant fountain in the middle. Minarets each having three balconies are 71 meters long. The balconies in the northern minarets can be climbed by three different stairways twisting inside each other.

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Meydan, Mimar Sinan Cd., 22020 Edirne Merkez/Edirne

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