Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling

Since 1346

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  • Edirne
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Historical Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling held in the end of June, or at the beginning of July continues seven days. These famous oil wrestling continue for centuries are carried out as a festival in Sarayiçi region in Edirne. Translated as ‘Inner Palace’ Sarayici is actually a scrub-covered island that was once the private hunting reserve of the Ottoman sultans.

Near the ugly modern stadium stani the Adalet Kasri (Justice hall; 1561), a stone tower with a conical roof that dates from the time of Suleyman the Magnificent. In front of it are two stones on the Seng-i Hurmet (Stone of Respect) people would place petition to the Sultan, while the Seng-i Ibret (Stone of Warning) would display the heads of any high-court officers who had offended the sultan.

Behind the Justice Hall is another small bridge. Cross it and on your right you will see a memorial and Museum dedicated to the Balkan Wars. To the left the path winds past the scattered and scant ruins of the Edirne Sarayi ( Edirne Palace). Begun by Sultan Beyazit II in 1450, this palace once rivalled Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace in size and luxury, although you’d be hard-pressed even to visualise the palace now.

To get here from Hurriyet Meydani, walk along Hukumet Caddesi and cross the Tunca River via the Kanuni Bridge. Alternatively, it’s a scenic 1km walk along the flood-control embankment from the II Beyazit Kulliyesi (left)

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Kırkpınar Yağlı Güreş Alanı, Yeniimaret, 22020 Edirne Merkez/Edirne

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