Great Mosque of Bursa (Ulu Cami)

Since 1399

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  • Bursa
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It is in the city center, next to Grand Bazaar. It was built with the spoils obtained from Battle of Nicopolis in years between 1396 and 1400 by Bayezit the Thunderbolt. It is a monumental example of multi-legged and multi-domed mosque common in the first period of Ottomans. 20 domes cover the main venue in size of 50 to 63 meters.

Also, the fountain is inside the mosque as a feature of the period. There is a fountain as a shape of pool with a sprinkler inside which is close to the center of interior venue.

Pulpit is a very valuable work of art which was made in carpentry (meshing) technique. Pulpit, made by Mehmet Usta in 1571, reflects the rich stonework of the period.

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Nalbantoğlu, Atatürk Cd., 16010 Osmangazi/Bursa

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