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Yesil Mosque and Green Mausoleum

Since 1421
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A Glimpse into Bursa's Architectural Splendor

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  • Bursa
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In the heart of Bursa’s Yeşil District lies a breathtaking testament to the city’s rich history and architectural brilliance – the Yesil Mosque and Green Mausoleum. These iconic structures, commissioned by Mehmet I Çelebi and constructed between 1419 and 1424 by the talented architect Haci Ivaz Pasha, stand as a captivating blend of Islamic art and Ottoman heritage.

Yeşil Mosque: A Divine Masterpiece

The Yesil Mosque and Green Mausoleum, a place of worship with a rectangular plan, is distinguished by its exquisite architectural features. It is divided into two main sections by a magnificent Bursa arch, with both areas crowned by impressive domes measuring 12.5 meters in diameter. The Yesil Mosque and Green Mausoleum is uniquely designed with ivans opening to the east and west, allowing an abundance of natural light to grace its interior.

The Yesil Mosque and Green Mausoleum’s exterior boasts two minarets and a central dome, under which you’ll find a beautiful fountain. The minarets have been carefully renewed, preserving their historical charm. Inside, the Yesil Mosque and Green Mausoleum showcases rich examples of stone carving and tile arts. The walls are adorned with meticulously crafted tiles, and the maksoorahs are resplendent with some of the most exquisite examples of tilework from that period.

The Green Mausoleum: A Royal Resting Place

Adjacent to the mosque, the Yesil Mosque and Green Mausoleum is a sacred site where Mehmet I Çelebi and members of the royal family are laid to rest. The mausoleum’s exterior is adorned with striking turquoise-colored tiles, providing an inviting and serene ambiance. The interior walls, niche, and the sarcophagus of Mehmet I Çelebi are all adorned with beautifully crafted tiles, creating a space of profound reverence and aesthetic delight.

Turk Islamic Art Museum

In the vicinity of these architectural wonders, you’ll find the Madrasa building, also known as the Yeşil Madrasa or Sultaniye Madrasa. This historically significant building now serves as the Turk Islamic Art Museum, offering visitors a deeper insight into the cultural and artistic heritage of Bursa and the region.

The Yesil Mosque and Green Mausoleum, with their architectural grandeur and artistic richness, are not only pivotal in the history of Bursa but also offer an inspiring journey into the heart of Ottoman art and culture. Visiting these remarkable structures is a step back in time and an opportunity to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and spiritual significance that define Bursa’s cultural heritage.

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Yeşil, 1. Yeşil Cd. 66-1, 16360 Yıldırım/Bursa

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