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Tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan

Since 1863
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Exploring the Rich Heritage

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  • Bursa
  • 7 ay önce gönderildi

Perched on a steep cliff overlooking Cemal Nadir Caddesi, the Tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan in Bursa are a fascinating historical site that allows you to delve deep into the origins of the Ottoman Empire.

This section of Bursa, the city’s oldest district, was once encircled by sturdy stone ramparts and walls, remnants of which still grace the landscape. The rich history of the area is evident from the archaeological findings scattered throughout.

Starting from the iconic Ulu Cami, a short walk west along Orhan Gazi (Yiğitler) Caddesi takes you to the section known as Hisar or Tophane. Here, atop a little park on the summit, you’ll discover the Tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan, the founders of the Ottoman Empire.

Originally constructed and later destroyed by an earthquake in 1855, these magnificent tombs were rebuilt in Ottoman baroque style by Sultan Abdül Aziz in 1868. Osman Gazi‘s tomb boasts richer decorations and provides a glimpse into the opulence of the era. Visitors are kindly requested to remove their shoes before entering either tomb out of respect.

Adjacent to the tombs, a “distance to everywhere” sign adds an intriguing touch to the historical atmosphere. It’s fascinating to learn that you’re closer to Azerbaijan than Germany from this point. The surrounding grounds also feature a six-storey clock tower, the last of four initially designed as fire alarms. A charming tea garden offers stunning views over the picturesque valley, making it an ideal spot to relax and soak in the historical ambiance.

The Tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan offer a unique journey back in time to the roots of the Ottoman Empire. This historical site, combined with its fascinating surroundings, is a captivating destination for history enthusiasts and tourists looking to explore Bursa’s rich heritage.

Located in the site which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014.

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Osmangazi, Yiğitler Cd. No:4, 16040 Osmangazi/Bursa

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