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About 8.5km northeast of  Kızkalesi at Kumkuyu is the 33-54, the road leading 3km to the ruins of Kanlıdivane, the ancient city of  Kanytelis.

Central to Kanlıdivane (Crazy Place of Blood) is a 60m-deep chasm where criminals were said to be thrown to wild animals. Peering down, you’ll see reliefs on the cliff walls of a six-member family (southwest) and a Roman soldier (northwest). Ruins ring the pit, including a 17m-high Hellenistic tower, four Byzantine churches and a necropolis with a 2nd-century temple tomb.

Another 600m north of Kanlıdivane on the 33-54 are two fine reliefs carved into the cliff. One shows a figure reclining, another a Roman soldier grasping a sword.

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Kumkuyu, Kanlı Divane Cd., 33750 Ayaş Bld./Erdemli/Mersin

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