New (Valide) Mosque

since 1597

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Construction of the mosque started in 1597 by the request of Safiye Sultan, mother of Mehmet III (1595-1603), and it was aborted at half by the death of the sultan in 1603. After Ahmet I had taken the lead, and took care of Blue Mosque, leaving aside the construction. Derelict mosque was completed after a half century in time between 1660 and 1663, by Hatice Tarhan Sultan, mother of Mehmet IV, with her own resources requesting from Architect Mustafa Aga. Spice Bazaar is also built in this period next to the structure considered as a külliye.

Dome with 17,5 in diameter is supported by four semi domes. It shows similarities with Şehzade Mosque and Blue Mosque with this plan. Tiles and pen works nominally blue and green like Blue Mosque, which exhibits the greatest examples of 17th century, dress the every inch of the structure.

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Rüstem Paşa, Yeni Cami Cd. No:3, 34116 Fatih/İstanbul

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