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Bozcaada is a quaint little town, which often leaves people wishing they could stay longer.  It is the second of only two inhabited islands of Turkey, in the Aegean Sea.  This small town is well known for its wines, huge medieval fortress and old houses, with cobblestone streets.  The Venetian and Genoese fortress date back to the Byzantine era, with most of what remains of the castle reconstructed by several different sultans.  Once you enter the double walls, you will discover remnants of a mosque, ammunition dumps and an infirmary.  There is also a church in the Greek neighbourhood, located directly behind the castle.

Since the slopes of Bozcaada are blanketed in vineyards, another popular activity is visiting one of the local wineries.  Some allow you to visit both the bottling and fermentation areas, where you can taste and buy wines.

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