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Ayvalık is connected to Balikesir, 85 km away from Behramkale, Greek settlement of Ottoman period. The region abandoned by Greeks was able to preserve its historical structure for population exchange during the Republic period. Narrow, curved streets, oriel houses and mansions, monasteries and churches left from Greeks cherish a history. It also meets the expectations for sea tourism with its beaches and clean sea allowing diving besides the rich texture. Şeytan Sofrası on a land dominating bays and sea, offering a unique panorama of the islands attracts local and foreign tourists who want to see sunset.

Must-see places: Ayvalik houses.

Do Not Return Without Doing: Food: Ayvalik toast, cheese sweet, and the sprat fish.

Shopping: Olives and olive oil.

Entertainment: Sunsets can be seen from Şeytan Sofrası

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Ali Çetinkaya, Santral Cd. 1. Sk., 10400 Ayvalık/Balıkesir

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