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You’d think a town famous for rakı (aniseed- flavoured brandy) and köfte would have no end of loyal fans, but as most travelers are passing through on their way to or from Greece, Tekirdağ is often no more than a pit stop. It doesn’t have the historical or architectural clout of Edirne, but if you do pause for more than lunch you’ll find there’s plenty to like about this modest coastal centre.

The waterfront (sahil) is the focal point for leisure time in Tekirdağ, with a long promenade running right the way round the bay, punctuated by cafés, restaurants, parks and playgrounds. There’s a small tourist information booth, which may or may not be staffed.

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100. Yıl, Barbaros Cd., 59100 Süleymanpaşa/Tekirdağ

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