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Tekirdağ Archaeological & Ethnographic Museum

Since 1957
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08:00 AM - 17:00
08:00 AM - 17:00
08:00 AM - 17:00
08:00 AM - 17:00
08:00 AM - 17:00
08:00 AM - 17:00

Welcome to the Tekirdağ Archaeological & Ethnographic Museum!

Discover the rich tapestry of Tekirdağ’s cultural heritage at the Tekirdağ Archaeological & Ethnographic Museum, an immersive journey through time showcasing the province’s archaeological treasures and ethnographic artifacts. Established in 1967 and housed in the historic mansion of the Tekirdağ Province Governor since 1992, our museum invites you to explore the fascinating history and culture of this region.

History and Establishment
Founded in 1967, the museum initially occupied a modest space within the Physical Education Administration building. In 1976, a significant step was taken as the mansion of the Tekirdağ Province Governor, known as Valikonağı in Turkish, was allocated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the museum’s use. Finally, on December 28, 1992, the Tekirdağ Museum opened its doors to the public in this splendid setting.

Architectural Marvel
The museum building is a testament to Tekirdağ’s architectural legacy, boasting two main stories, a basement, a loft, and a charming garden. Visitors can explore captivating exhibitions displayed in a hall on the ground floor, in the loft, and across five-level terraces in the garden.

Archaeological Wonders:
Tekirdağ Museum takes you on a captivating journey through various historical periods, featuring archaeological finds from the Early Bronze Age (3000-2500 BCE), Late Bronze Age (2000-1200 BCE), and Early Iron Age (1400-1000 BCE). Marvel at artifacts from the Hellenistic, Ancient Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods, each offering a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic history of this region.

Ethnographic Treasures:
The museum’s ethnographical section beautifully showcases the everyday items used by the residents during the Ottoman era and beyond, providing a vivid representation of their historic lifestyle. Delve into the intricacies of Tekirdağ’s cultural history as you explore the artifacts that reflect the unique traditions, customs, and practices of the people who called this region home.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or simply curious about Tekirdağ’s past, the Tekirdağ Archaeological & Ethnographic Museum promises an enriching experience. Join us in preserving and celebrating the rich heritage that defines the heart and soul of Tekirdağ.

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Ertuğrul Mahallesi,Rakoczi Caddesi,No:1 Tekirdağ

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