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Ancient City of Zeugma

Ancient city of Zeugma located in Nizip district, Belkıs Village, was established by Seleucus Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, in 300s B.C. City was given to Commagane King Mithradates Kallinikos as dowry who married to Leodike, daughter of Seleucus. It became a Roman territory in 64 B.C. It was important for military and trade purposes because of being an eastern border city and on trade routes. Those glorious days were left behind after being burnt by Sassanis in 252 A.D. Arab invasion in the 7th century led the city to be abandoned completely.

Many villas were built on terraces overlooking the Euphrates River in Zeugma. Rooms were aligned around the courtyard. Floors were decorated with magnificent mosaics, and walls were decorated with frescoes. Statues made by famous artists were also decorating houses. Some of the remains of Zeugma remain under the waters of Birecik Dam which was built in the context of GAP Project. Valuable mosaics found during the rescue works in the areas which are under water are moved to Gaziantep Museum. Founded mosaics are dated to 2nd and 3rd century. Structures such as villas decorated with mosaics, Temple of Tyke located in acropolis hill, theater, baths, and colonnaded streets wait to come to face the day by the ongoing excavations.