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Yıldız Palace

Coordinate: 41º02’58.93’’K 29º00’41.42’’D Height: 90 m

It represents the latest example of Turkish-Ottoman palace architecture. Abdülmecid built a new kiosk in 1842, demolishing the existing kiosks. Abdulaziz (1861-1876) who usually came here in summers built Great Reception Kiosk (Büyük Mabeyn), Çit Pavilion, and to the outer garden Malta and Çadır Kiosks. During the Abdülhamit II (1876-1909) period administration center moved here for being safer than Dolmabahçe Palace.


During the Abdülhamit II period, state affairs were conducted in the State Apartments. Small Reception Kiosk was built by the sultan in 1901 for working and resting place. Theater built by Abdülhamit II is very important for being the only palace theater survived today


In Yıldız Park, the outer garden of the palace, Şale Kiosk, Çadır Kiosk, Malta Kiosk and Imperial Porcelain Factory is located. Entrance of Yıldız Park is across Çırağan Palace on Ortaköy road.