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Coordinate: 39º12’20.43’’K 30º42’58.73’’D Height: 1289 m

Open air rock temple of the Hittite Empire was located in 2 km northeast of Hattusas. This open-air temple was created by parlaying two natural rock waterspouts (galleries). There are 63 reliefs in the big gallery, god figures on the western wall, and goddess figures on the eastern wall. On the northern wall where two rows connected the storm god Tesup and his wife sun goddess Hepat were displayed. The biggest relief of the big gallery is the relief of King Tudhalia IV (1250-1220 B.C.) who is also thought to build the temple.


Small gallery may allocate to Tudhalia IV after his death. King Tudhalia is seen as covered by Sharruma, the protective god. There are also reliefs of 12 god and Sword God Nergal in this gallery.