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Some travelers come to Turkey for a week and end up staying for months, or even a lifetime. However, jobs are not all that easy to find (Turkey has a high unemployment level)  and most people end up teaching English, tough there are other opportunities of course.



One of the most lucrative non specialist  jobs available to foreigners ( from €550 to €850 per week) involves nannying for the wealthy city elite; work mainly restricted to English speaking women who must be prepared for long hours and demanding employers

Teaching English

It is also possible to earn a decent living as an English teacher, either privately for a university, a private dershane (school), or for one of the many private language schools around the country.

If you don't have any teaching qualifications you can usually still find a job, though it will be private tuition (which pays from €17 to €30 per hour) or it's a private language school (where you can expect around €11 an hour). If you have teaching qualifications (at least a Bachelor of Education, majoring in English) you should arm yourself with a TOEFL certificate as well as to place yourself within reach of the best jobs. Universities will not hire without teaching qualifications, nor will most dershanes, and the best try what's language schools expect at least a TOEFL. Pay can be from €750 to €1400 per month, often accommodation, flight home and have work permit thrown in. The best time of the year to job hunt is near the end of the summer school break, around mid- to late August, when schools are desperate for teachers to replace those who found a spot on a beautiful beach and decided to stay.


Many travelers also find work illegally for room and board in pensions, bars and carpet shops, leaving the country every 3 months to renew their visas. This sort of work has the advantage that you can take it or leave it at will. But be warned that the authorities take a dim view of foreigners ‘stealing’ local jobs and that there are occasional shake-outs when they rush around threatening people with prosecution (it rarely actually happens)

Volunteer Work 

There are a slowly growing number of volunteering opportunities in Turkey, offering everything from working on organic farms to helping out on an archaeological dig. Volunteer abroad ( ) is a UK-based company listing volunteering opportunities through International organizations in Turkey.