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Traveling Turkey as a female traveler is easy and enjoyable, provided you follow some simple guidelines . Tailor your behavior and your clothing to your surrounds.Look at what local women are wearing.  On the streets of Beyoglu in Istanbul you will see skimpy tops and tight jeans, but cleavage and short skirts without leggings are always a bit of a no-no. Having a banter which men in restaurants and shops in western Turkey can be great fun especially since most won't necessarily think anything of it. Out east  it is a different story. Passing through some towns you can count the number of women you see on one hand and those you do see will be headscarved and wearing long jackets. Life here for women is largely restricted to the home. This is not the place to practice your Turkish( Or Kurdish) for hours on end with the local kebapci and expect him not to get the wrong idea. Keep your dealing with men formal and polite, not friendly. you certainly don't need to don a headscarf, but long sleeves and baggy long pants should attract the least attention.

Men and unrelated women  are not expected to sit beside each other in Long Distance buses, and lone women  are often assigned seats at the front of the bus near the driver. If you are not told where to sit, avoid sitting at the back since that seems to have ‘back-of-the-cinema’ connotations in some men's minds.We have also received reports some muavin ( conductors) on night busses harassing their female customers.If that happens to you, complain loudly, making sure that others on the bus hear, and repeats your complaint on arrival at your destination -  you have a right to be treated with your respect. When traveling by taxi avoid getting into the seat beside the driver.

When looking for a hotel, you may have to accept that the cheapest fleapits are not  suitable for lone women and stick with family-oriented mid-range hotels.If there is a knock on your hotel door late at night, don't open it; in the morning, complain to the manager. 

We're recommend female travelers always, stick to official campsites and camp where there are plenty of people around -  especially out east.

Restaurants that aim to attract women usually set aside a special room( or part of one) for family groups.  look for the term aile salonu ( family dining room)