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Coordinate: 40º37’19.59’’K 40º17’06.96’’D Height: 1167 m

Uzungöl (Long Lake),  is a lake situated to the south of the city of Trabzon and it is about 1090 m above sea level and rains a lot during winter/autumn. The 1625 hectares of the park were designated as a Uzungol Nature Park in 1989 because of the rich plant life, wildlife and sightseeing potential. 

The dominant tree species is Eastern spruce, and there are also badger, bearded, alder, horn-beam, hazelnut, oak, mountain elm and silver birch trees. Species of animals include mountain goat, roe deer, bear, wolf, wild boar, marten, badger, lynx, jackal, fox, rabbit, squirrel, wild ducks, birds of prey, trout and various kinds of reptiles.

The most important river in the area is the Demirkapi, and the Uzungol Lake was formed as a result of the rocks closing the mouth of the river. 10km south of the lake is the Norizca mountain, with an altitude of 300m. The best time to visit the park is between April and October.

Over the years it has become a major tourist attraction along with a nearby village of the same name

Only 70 kilometers southeast of Rize the village of Uzungöl has traditional Black Sea wooden houses, as well as modern hotels, restaurants and tourist facilities. Tourist accommodation in small hotels like the Sirin Motel which offers rustic-style bungalows on the edge of Uzungöl Lake. All their bungalows have a balcony overlooking the lake and include satellite TV, free Wi-Fi internet connection and private bathrooms. The valley in which Uzungöl is situated is dominated by the two minarets of the mosque standing on the bank of the lake. The lake is about 1 kilometer long, a half a kilometer wide with an average depth of 15 meters. Uzungöl lies at an altitude of 1090 meters in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains. These mountains are mostly covered with mixed forests with many mountain lakes and streams. Due to heavy rainfall, the surrounding of Uzungöl is one of the greenest areas of Turkey. Containing more than 60 local plant species the area around Uzungöl has become a popular destination for hiking and climbing.