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Coordinate: 41º01’39.35’’K 29º00’55.05’’D Height: 2 m

There was a wharf and a dock of Khalkedon (Kadıköy) which was established in the 7th century B.C. in Üsküdar, formerly known Chrysopolis. It also became the center of many rebellions.

It was one the important regions of the city during the Ottoman period. Many religious and charitable institutions we built in Üsküdar which was an important military base during this period. In the square next to Ahmet III fountain Mihrimah Sultan Mosque (1546-1548, Mimar Sinan); on Hakimiyet-i Milliyet "Street south to the square Yeni Valide Mosque (1708-1710); on the cape west to the square Şemsi Pasha Mosque (1580, Mimar Sinan) are the first prominent monuments of Üsküdar. There are Rum Mehmet Pasha Mosque (1471-1472) seen over Şemsi Pasha, and Ayazma Mosque (1760, Mehmet Tahir Ağa) in a high position across Maiden’s Tower. Also two külliye remains among neighborhoods in the interior part of Üsküdar. These are Tiled Mosque (1640, Kasım Ağa) notable with tiles covering half of the interior walls, and Atik Valide Mosque. Atik Valide Mosque built by Mimar Sinan in years between 1577 and 1583, is the biggest külliye of Anatolian side.