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Upland - Nomad

High areas that are plain, mountainous and woodland, and cooler and rainier than cities and villages are called uplands. Animals were taken to be grassed in the™ past. Today, they have become preferred resting and holiday places for retired and elder people to escape from hot and humid air of the city. The areas that have become quarters with stone houses used to be areas that hair tents were pitched.    


Moreover, they have become permanent settlements. It's possible to see uplands in ali regions of Turkey. There are stili families who continue the tradition of living in hair tents with herds. Temperate places these families live in winters are called Sheltered Places, and cool places they live in the summer are called Summer Pastures. Name of upland (yayla) comes    comes from summer pastures (yaylak). The life style of these families is nomadic lifestyle. People who choose this lifestyle are called Nomads (yörük) in Anatolia. It is derived from walking (yürümek).