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Coordinate: 38º37’44.10’’K 34º48’13.98’’D Height: 1341 m

Because Cappadocia’s natural formations are mostly remaining in the city boundaries of Nevşehir, the city is very important in terms of tourism. Göreme and around of it is very close to Nevşehir where the formations are dense. The underground cities that are dense mostly in the south of the Nevşehir astonish the people who see it. It was designed to take shelter and meet the various necessities of the wide communities in any case of attack. The biggest of these underground cites; Kaymaklı (20km to Nevşehir) and Derinkuyu (30 km to Nevşehir) are 8 floors. The smaller example of these Özlüce (6 km to Kaymaklı), Mazı (10 km to Kaymaklı), Özkonak (14km to Avanos) and Tatların (10 km to Acıgöl) are underground cities.