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Turkish Football

Turks are simply mad about football (soccer). Every city has a football stadium that heaves with fans on match days. Pre- and post- match, the streets are aflutter with team flags, and the bars and tea gardens buzz with talk of nothing else.

The Turks love affair with football began in the mid-nineteenth century after they were introduced to the game by English tobacco merchants.First matches saw English and Greek teams face off but soon Turkish students from the Galata high School ran on field as the Galatasaray club. Fenerbahce Beşiktaş  and Galatasaray are the top three teams, all of which are based in Istanbul and all of which have fanatical national followings. choosing a team at your at your peril.

Since the 1990s Turkish teams and players have been enjoying greater success and increasingly higher profiles. In 2003, the national team made it to the semi-finals of World Cup; Turks even outdid themselves when it came to partying hard