Turkish Food Culture

Turkish cuisine is one of the world’s richest cuisines and it contains a large diversity. A wide range of soups, vegetables with olive oil, meat dishes, fish, kebabs, pastries, and desserts are available on the menu. Each region has its own unique dishes. In general, it can be categorized as Mediterranean cuisine, the Black Sea cuisine, Eastern cuisine, Ottoman palace cuisine and Steppe food culture.

Food in Turkey is first and foremost a social occasion and always to be enjoyed with gusto. From home cooked meals shared by family and friends to symbolic religious or celebratory feasts and the street theatrics of roadside sellers, food is closely intertwined with the fabric of society.


Alcoholic Drinks: Turkey’s beloved tipple is Raki, a grape spirit infused with strong aniseed; do as the locals do and cut it at least by half with water if you want to surface the next day. Local beer, vodka, brandy, whisky and gin are also available.

Soft Drinks: Turkish tea is flavour some and aromatic when freshly brewed. Turkish coffee is an indulgent pleasure and the perfect way to finish off a good meal. Ayran, mineral water, cherry juice and peach nectar are also popular soft drinks.

There is not always a lot ot choose between what’s an offer for lunch and dinner, but both meals frequently start with çorba (soup). Workers who don’t have time for leisurely breakfast at home will often pop into  a cheap restaurant  for a mercimek corbasi (lentil soup) on the way to work. Turkish people have a big diversity of vegetables and of course this reflects on the dishes.

In most  restaurants, mezes are usually followed by meat. Beef is the most commonly used meat, though lamb and mutton follow closely behind. Don’t forget the taste the delicious  Turkish desserts and sweets


Why not combine a holiday to Turkey with a cooking course or culinary tour, where you could enjoy anything from speciality wine and cheese tasting and learning home cooking techniques to sourcing fresh local ingredients from local farmers markets.