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Turkish Coffee


it is a unique and special taste, combining foam aroma and treats with preparation and cooking techniques. It is the only coffee that is served with sediment. Copper pots are used to make Turkish coffee. Traditionally, it is baked over  a coal fire. Reading coffee grounds is passed down through generations and is common place today.


Preparation of Turkish coffee:  For 1 cup

One and a half teaspoons of coffee are put into the pot. It is started cooking over a low flame or coal. Coffee in the pot starts to swell just before it boils. A little bit of coffee foam formed in this time is put into the cup. Coffee pot is put on fire again without mixing. When it boils, the rest is added to the cup and it is ready to drink. Before drinking the coffee water is drunk so the previous tastes in the mouth is cleared to feel the unique taste of coffee. The coffee grounds left in the bottom of the cup are not drunk.


Features of Turkish coffee:

It is the oldest coffee cooking method.

Foam consists of coffee and grounds.

It is inside the cup but the grounds sink to the bottom and it doesn't need to be filtered.

The taste continuous the longest because of the foam.

It can stay hot for a long time because of its delicious foam.

It is served with thin-edged cup so it cools slowly and thus provides a longer lasting pleasure of coffee.

It is the only coffee type that is used for fortune-telling

It is healthy because the grounds in the bottom of the coffee are not drunk


The Ottomans, inadvertently gifted coffee to Europe. When Mehmet IV besieged Vienna in 1683 he was so confident of victory he brought coffee beans in preparation for his victory feast. When the Turkish armies eventually retreated they left behind the coffee, which was discovered by the Viennese who then introduced the coffeehouse to Europe.