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Theater of Aphrodisias

Coordinate: 37º42’33.08’’K 28º43’24.77’’D Height: 521 m

Well-preserved remains on the plain area forming the center of the city in the north of the hill draw the attention. 14 columns surrounding the Temple of Aphrodite in the 1st century are still standing. Location of the columns changed for temple being converted into a Christian Basilica, and an abscissa was added in the eastern end in the 5th century A.D. Monumental entrance (Propylon or Tetrapylon) with pediments drawing attention with its eight columns and rich decorations in the east of the temple is re-erected.

Ruins in the south of the temple belong to Odéon (Council Building-2nd century A.D.) and the Palace of Patriarch (5th century A.D.), and the square in the south most belongs to Agora. Stadium just inside the walls in the north of the city is the world’s best preserved one. The structure which is 262 meters long and 59 meters wide has the capacity of 30.000 people.