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Termessos Ancient City

Coordinate: 36º58’57.19’’K 30º27’52.61’’D Height: 1013 m

Ancient city of Termessos is on 1050 meters high Mount Güllük (Solymos), and 30 km northwest of Antalya. It founded by Slymi, citizens of Pamphylia. City center can be reached by following the King’s Road belonging to the ancient city. Remains of a ruined temple on the right, cistern being used as water tank and aqueduct can be seen while moving along the road.

Agora (market place) is located in the city center, three sides surrounded by columned galleries (stoa). Pergamum King Attalos II (159-138 B.C.) gifted the two-story gallery in the west of agora; Osbaras gifted the gallery extending to theater in the north to the city. Stage building of 4000 seated Hellenistic Theater has undergone some changes. Bouleuterion from Hellenistic period in the southwest of the theater is one of the well preserved structures of the city with its fine cut stone labor. Cemeteries covering south, west and east of the city constitute the important remains.