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Temple of Hadrian

Coordinate: 37º56’18.17’’K 27º20’30.91’’D Height: 28 m

Another beautiful work on Kuretler Street is Temple of Hadrianus. Temple consisting of columned porch and callae was in Korinth order. Relief of city goddess Tyche was embroidered on keystone under the arch which brought an attractive look to the door. A girl relief on pediment of callae door was embroidered. A statue of Emperor Hadrianus who was worshiped as a god was located in callae. Partially destroyed temple in the 4th century A.D. was repaired, and reliefs from other structures brought and placed to entrance landing of Ephesus. Legendary foundation of Ephesus is embroidered. Bronze statues of Roman emperor were standing on four pedestals in front of the temple.