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It was predicted that tea was out from China 5000 years ago and spread all over the world in the course of time. Turkish tea is an indispensable drink for breakfast in Turkey which is drunk throughout all the day, is one of the most important treats. It is possible to see workplaces that only sell tea. Generally, Black tea is mostly consumed in Turkey .Turkish tea grown in the Black Sea Region is one of the world's highest quality teas. According to drying type and time, taste, smell and nutritional value vary. Different flavor tastes are obtained by mixing different fruit flavors to dried tea leaves. In Turkey bergamot flavored tea is popular. Today the tea derived from almost all fruits. Apple, lemon, orange rose hips and cinnamon tea are specific to Turkey. Tea made by steeping natural plants in hot water for one or two minutes, also known as sage tea is consumed a lot in Anatolia. It is known that these natural teas are good for some diseases.