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Süleymaniye Mosque

Coordinate: 41º00’57.57’’K 28º57’49.45’’D Height: 92 m

Süleymaniye Mosque can be reached by following the north and east (Fuat Paşa St.) walls of Istanbul University, which was surrounded by the biggest külliye of Ottoman Era. Süleymaniye is a complex of buildings not only providing worship service but also social and educational services.


The center of the külliye, which was built by Mimar Sinan in request of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566), is Süleymaniye Mosque. The mosque built in years between 1550 and 1577 is a magnificent example of Classical Ottoman architecture. It’s on the third hill of Istanbul, and an unchanging part of silhouette of the Golden Horn.


The inner courtyard has a fountain in the center, fully paved with white marble, and has minarets at four corners. Two minarets in the north have two balconies and 56 meters long, the other two minarets at the end of portico have three balconies "land 76 meters high.


Worshipping area is built on a rectangular plan at a size of 61 and 70 meters. Giant piers at four corner of the dome carry the weight of the structure.

The dome covering the worshipping area which is 53 meters high and 26.50 meters in diameter is supported by semi domes on the axis. Interior decorations of the dome which was renewed in the 19th century are simpler than other mosques. Stained glass decorating shrine wall is the original work of a craftsman named Drunk Ibrahim. In the tomb next to the shrine of Süleymaniye Mosque, there are mausoleum of Suleiman the Great and his wife Hurrem Sultan (Roxelane), who built the külliye, and some tombs of leading people.


Mausoleum of Mimar Sinan, head architect of the palace, is in northwest corner of the outer courtyard. Mimar Sinan (also Koca Sinan) created the Classical Turkish style after becoming head architect of the palace. He was a great person with a unique ability, that lived almost a century creating plenty of works.