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Turkey's Top Taste Sensations

Obviously we are sticking our necks out here, but out of Turkey's myriad culinary offerings we feel these are the must-tries:

  • Yaprak Sarma (stuffed grape leaves)- Fresh grape leaves from the market stuffed with spiced rice and rolled into tasty fingers.

  • Kalamar (calamari)- Freshy calamari from the northern Aegean is so tender you will be boasting for years.

  • Imam bayildi (imam fainted)-And so did we when we first tested it. Aubergines stuffed with garlicky and oniony mixture.

  • Tokat kebap - The greasy Tokat might knock 10 years off your life but it tastes so good you won't care

  • Firin sütlaç (baked rice pudding)- what Granny did best Turks have elevated to a fine art.

  • Tavuk gögsü kazandibi (burnt chicken-breast pudding)-This chewy chicken dessert is some what kooky but surprisingly tasty.

  • Baklava -The dental bills are worth it.