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It is in Yeşilhisar district in Kayseri and 34 km away from Ürgüp. It is one of the important areas of Cappadocia with many churches from famous artists of the period and natural beauties. Colored cloth dolls made by village women are unique gifts in the region.

Church of Karabaş was built in between 1060 and 1061. The structure, decorated with different techniques in different times, is among the most important churches due to Soğanlı’s art value. Communion frescoes portraying the gathering of apostles in the abscissa are a rare beauty among the Cappadocia frescoes.

Snake Church near the Church of Karabaş gets its name from the scene of St. George killing a dragon. In the cradle vaulted ceiling, depiction of Christ Pantocrator with red weights is remarkable.

The most magnificent church among the churches in Soğanlı Valley is the Domed Church in the north slopes of the valley. There are three domed churches together and they are dated to 10th century. The characteristic of these churches is that outside of the dome is also shaped. Most of the frescoes in the church walls couldn’t reach today or they are damaged. Church of St. Barbara at the end of Soğanlı Valley is dated to the beginning of the 10th century.