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Coordinate: 39º44’51.58’’K 37º01’04.36’’D Height: 1286

Turkish Rule on Sivas occurred after the Malazgirt Battle in 1071. Sivas Ulu Mosque which is located in the city center and built in between 1196 and 1197 comes first as a historical heritage in Sivas. This structure is in size of 58 meters to 35 meters and it was built in Seljuk period. Its brick minaret is oblique. Çifte Minareli Madrasah is located in Seljuk Park in the city center. It was built in between 1271 and 1272. Two minarets rise over its portal decorated with magnificent stone works. All its sections except front façade were demolished in 1882. The other madrasah built in between 1271 and 1272 which is another example of magnificent Seljuk stone work is Gök Madrasah located in the east of Sivas Castle. Two minarets rise over its portal. Tiles decorating these minarets but only a few of them reached today gave the madrasah its name.

Another important building in Sivas is the Divriği Great Mosque and Hospital. The mosque was built by Mengücek rules Ahmed Shah, and the hospital was built by his wife Turan Melik. The complex consisting of a mosque, a hospital and a mausoleum was completed in 1229. This structure has been accepted and preserved as a World Cultural Heritage with its magnificent portals.