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Coordinate: 42º01’35.12’’K 35º09’18.27’’D Height: 40 m

One of the most important colonies established by Miletus in the 8th century B.C. is Sinope in the Black sea coast. Seljuk Sultan İzzettin Keykavus captured Sinop in 1214, coming from Konya with a great force. Trabzon Pontus Empire seized the city, taking advantage of the domestic disturbance of Seljuks. Seljuk Vizier Suleiman Pervane recaptured the city and built Madrasah of Suleiman Pervane in 1262, in memory of the conquest.

The exact construction date of Sinop Castle is unknown. The castle has reached today with repairs made in each period. The interior castle was also repaired by Seljuks. Building located in the interior castle is the famous Sinop Prison that is serving for many years.

Alaaddin (Ulu) Mosque located in the city center was built by Suleiman Pervane in 1267 instead of the first structure which was damaged by Trabzon Pontus Empire. There are two inscriptions showing that the structure was repaired twice during Candarogullari period.

In the city which has beautiful beaches such as Sarıkum and Akliman; Hamsiloz  (Hamsaroz) Bay is also a must-see natural wonder. Sea twists like a river and go through the land. This area, where green and blue nest, is under protection.