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Serpent Column (Delphi Tripod or Plataean Tripod)

Coordinate: 41º00’20.45’’K 28º58’30.48’’D Height: 42 m 


Small Greek city-states united against the Persians and triumphed at Salamis (480 B.C.) and Plataea (479 B.C.). In memory of this monument, they melted the spoils of war and made a victory monument in 479 B.C., known as Serpent Column today. This monument was erected in front of the Temple of Apollo, Delphi. Originally, 8-meters-high the bodies of three serpents twisted into one pillar of brass, heads looking into different ways and carrying a golden tripod. In the bodies of the serpents, cities participated the war were written. The golden tripod of monument was lost long before it was brought to Istanbul in Constantine the Great era. Snake heads survived till the beginning of 18th century and they were broken in this period. One of the serpent heads survives in the Museum of Antiquities, in Byzantine Hall.