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Seljuk Period 

Seljuk Period (1071-1308)

The Turks whose homeland was Central Asia settled Anatolia by raids and immigration. The main event that Seljuk Turks settled in Anatolia is Malazgirt Battle in August 26, 1071. The battle between Seljuk emperor Alp Arslan and Byzantine emperor Romanus Diogenes ended in favor of Turks. The treaty between them didn’t happen because Diogenes was without a throne. So, Alp Arslan ordered the conquest of all Anatolia. Thus, Anatolia entered into dominance of Seljuk, and opened its doors to a new civilization. Great Seljuk Empire was divided in the time of Sultan Berkyaruk (1093-1104), and Anatolia stayed under the dominance of Turkey Seljuks. After 1243, Seljuk’s were just a weak country under the dominance of Mongols. In the 13th century, Turkoman governors claimed their independence, and many Turkish states including Ottomans shared Anatolia.