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Sardis 78 km away from Izmir was the center of Lydia, the first state printed the money in 7th century B.C. The city Izmir-Ankara Highway passes through is next to Paktolos (Sart) River and on the northern slopes of Mount Tmolos (Bozdağ). Persian king Kyros took over the city by defeating Lydia king Kroisos in 546 B.C, thus the Kingdom of Lydia withdrew from the stage of history.


When it was the capital of the Kingdom of Lydia, it lived its best period during 7th and 6th centuries B.C, and it lived its brightest period as a capital again in the 3rd, 2nd and 1st centuries B.C.

Main road of Sardis covered with marble plates, is just at the north of Izmir-Ankara Highway. There are a synagogue dated for 3rd century A.D., and a Gymnasium next to synagogue with a facade dated for 3rd century A.D. in the north side of the highway. Yet, there are ruins of a Byzantine church and a bath from Roman and Byzantine period towards the east in the north side of the road.


In the southern part of the highway, a stadium, a theater repaired in Roman period dated for 3rd century B.C. at the east end of stadium, and an acropolis area at the south most are located.


At the end of the road next to Paktolos (Sart) River, ruins of Temple of Artemis are reached. Temple built over seven step pedestal was built in 300s B.C. Altar built with large block in the west is dated for 6th century B.C.