Religion in Turkey

99% of the population in Turkey is Muslim. A lesser rate of 02% of the total population is non-Muslim. These are people from Gregorian Armenians, Jews, Assyrians, Rum Orthodox and people from some various other religions and cults such as Catholic, Arab Orthodox and Chaldean. In 1928 the law designating Islam as the country’s state religion was rescinded and Turkey became a fully secular state.Religious belief or disbelief, freedom of applying or not applying the religious rules as an individual is protected by Constitution.

The majority of the Turkish population is Muslim but in Turkey religion is strictly a private affair as with other European countries.

Islam or Islamic Religion

Islam is the last of the monotheistic religions with a holy book. Its prophet is Muhammad and holy book is the Quran. It is believed that the Quran was created from revelation brought to the prophet by Gabriel.

It is essential for believers to do every worship and actions that are a religious duty (requirement) as it is ordered in Islam religion. These main requirements are: to attest, to prayer, fasting, to give alms, to go to Hadj.

Prayer is a whole of worship that is done in certain times of each day all together in the mosque or alone.


Mosques in Turkey are closed to visitors during prayer times. And visitors should speak quietly and behave respectfully the same as all the other praying places.

Everyone should wear clothes which cover their legs, so no shorts for either sex, and women should also make sure that their shoulders and head are covered. Shoes should be removed before entering a mosque. It is better to keep your  shoes with you during your visit to mosque.

Today there are almost 240 churches and 36 synagogues open for worship in Turkey.