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Updated: Oct 22, 2019


• In the 16th century, tulip bulbs were gone to Europe from Anatolia

• The first people to fly were Hazerfen Ahmet Çelebi (with the wings of eagle feathers from Galata Tower to Üsküdar) and Çelimsiz Hasan Çelebi (made himself thrown by a catapult and landed to Topkapi Palace with artificial wings).

• The famous mathematician Apollonius is from Antalya-Pergeli who lived in the 3rd century B.C.

• Roman emperor Julius Caesar said his famous saying Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered) in Zile district near Tokat in 47 B.C.

• The first Olympic torch was taken from firing stone in Chimera in Antalya, Çıralı, in year 800 B.C.

• Alexander the Great got his first and only defeat in Termessos, and in this war he lost a few of his generals. He couldn’t bear losing and while returning back he burnt all the olive trees in Gulluk Mountain foothills

• The richest mosaic museum is in Antakya

• German Emperor Frederick Barbarossa died in the 3rd Crusades, drowned while passing Goksu river,

• Alanya Castle is one of the most sheltered castles in the world,

• First female nurse British Florence Nightingale won his title in 1854, in a hospital in Üsküdar treating wounded in Crimean War,

• Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius got married in Antioch (Antakya) in 40 B.C.

• St. Paulus, one of the apostles of Jesus, was born in Tarsus. He and St. Barnabas travelled in Anatolia to spread Christianity and he gave his first preach in 49 A.D. in Antalya, Perge.

• Carthaginian commander Hannibal was committed suicide in 182 A.D. and buried in Gebze.

• Famous historian Herodotus was from Halicarnassus (Bodrum)

• Famous geographer and wanderer Strabo (64 B.C.-23 A.D.) was from Amasya

• First urban planner Hipodamus was from Miletus and draw the plan of ancient city Priene

• Famous epic writer Homer was born in Smyrna, Ionia in Western Anatolia. He was blind and travelling from city to city singing lyric poems accompanied with musical instruments.

• The first bank of the world was in Ephesus

• The first quarantine was put in Side. The foreigners entered the city after they had taken a bath in bathhouse near the harbor.

• The first metallic money was used by Lydian in 7 B.C. in Western Anatolia

• Santa Claus St. Nicholas was born in Patara, lived and died in Demre

• Virgin Mary came to Ephesus with Apostle Yuhanna and lived her last days over there.

• One of the first churches in the world is St. Pierre Church in Hatay

• The first Virgin Mary Church in the world is in Ephesus

• The first St. Paulus Church in the world is in Yalvaç (Pisidia Antiocheia)

• The first Santa Claus Church in the world is in Demre

• In literature and mythology: Homer

In philosophy: Heracleitos and Thales

In math: Pythagoras

In medicine: Hippocrates is from Anatolia