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Updated: Feb 8

Istanbul is not the city who is well known with its burgers. But hamburger is the new generation’s favorite meal and it gradually gains significance. So you can find some great burger points that serve with American classic. Delicious and famous restaurants in different districts of Istanbul come to mind when talked about especially hamburger. Let’s take a look at The Best 7 Hamburger Shops in Istanbul.

  1. Akali Pub ( Akali is a small café which is quite the culinary playground for its chefs who experiment with different dishes. At first it was homemade pasta with various sauces and then came an array of giant gourmet burgers. Juicy meat patties, bacon, melted cheese, homemade sourdough bread and caramelised onions are just some of the ingredients. Plus, their hamburgers often have three patties.

  2. Dobb's Burger Palace ( ) Dobby's qualified for being one step ahead for its characteristic products is visited every day by both Istanbul residents and domestic-foreign tourists. At the location producing its own bread and offering them with its customers in fresh, you may taste plum pickle that has different and delicious taste. Especially tandouri burger offers excellent feast of taste with lovers for abundant and delicious meat content. Paying a visit to this location meeting you at Zuhtupasa quarter, you may experience a good hamburger taste. You may eat your meal by visiting it alone or by your friends accompanied by nice conversations, or experience individually different tastes.

  3. Nusr - ET ( ) Nusret Gökçe is known for his meat marinating techniques. However, the man also really knows how to serve up a hamburger. His ‘Lokum Burger,’ is a delicious mix of steak slices, melted cheddar cheese and caramelised onions.

  4. Bosnjak Mutfak ( ) Another delightful hamburger house in Karakoy... Even if its name creates question mark in mind at first glance, it can be said it is very impressive location for which no need to make comment unless you visited it. It is an unsurprising situation to see that hamburger was produced in Balkans known as "Ancestors of Meatball". You may pay a visit to Bosnjak Kitchen combining peerless tastes with excellent imagery whenever you wished during a day.

  5. J. Burger ( ) This burger joint, formerly known as Jumbo Burger, on the Asian side has been open since 1977 and is a bit of an institution. What sets J Burger apart from its counterparts is its special sweet and savoury sauce, the recipe for which has remained a secret. The restaurant’s homemade mayonnaise is also the stuff of legends and a perfect accompaniment to their delicious burger.

  6. Jimmy’s Burger Yeniköy It is Jimmy's contributing different atmosphere and vitality to Yenikoy and it is a station of ability to meet with a different hamburger taste. Triange of caramelize onion, Cheddar and calf bacon welcomes you with a taste not causing you to seek for another European kitchen. Delightful harmony of couple consisting of potato and hamburger may be specifically tasted at Jimmy's Burger.

  7. Numnum ( One of the most popular fast food restaurants in Istanbul is Numnum. Its burger is a standout, with a patty made from local beef plus sourdough bread and fries without trans fat. Apart from the classic Hamburger and Cheeseburger, the menu also features the Louisiana Burger (with a spicy sauce, red pepper, onions, Jalapeno pepper and guacamole) and the Mushroom Swiss (with sautéed mushrooms and Emmental cheese).

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