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Pınara was one of the most important cities of Lycia. Stephanos states that Pınara was founded by colonists from Xanthos. Pınara who surrendered to Alexander the Great without a fight in 333 B.C., was entered the competition area of Hellenistic kingdoms. It was greatly affected by the earthquakes in 141 and 240 B.C., even it conserved its vitality by the reconstruction during the Roman period. It continued its existence till 9th century as bishopric center.

When upper acropolis that formed the first settlement of Pınara was not enough, a new settlement in below acropolis was established. Hundreds of tombs were carved in the eastern slopes of the upper acropolis which was climbed by a road with staircase carved in rocks.

Odéon reclining to the slope and agora creating the plain area in its front were located in the below acropolis. Various temple ruins, the remains of the baths, the theater reflecting the characteristics of Hellenistic period are other ruins that can be seen.

Lycian type tombs constituted mostly by sarcophagus in necropolis area in the south of Pınara are the other ruins of the city.