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It is near Tekirova, 15 km away from Kemer. It was founded on the peninsula extending to the Mediterranean Sea by colonists from Rhodes in 690 B.C. It was the most important port of the eastern part of Lycia. Roman commander Servilius Isauricus got the city under the control which was taken over by Cilician pirates in 1st century B.C. However, it was suffered from pirate raids again in 3rd century A.D.; then the city lost its importance because of the Arab pirates.

All the visible remains of Phaselis which has three ports (south, military and north) belong to Roman and later periods. Most of the part of the walls surrounding the acropolis at the tip of the peninsula is still standing. 1500-2000 seated theater leans on the elevation of the Acropolis. Main Street extending in front of the theater starts from the south port and reaches to military port intersecting the entire peninsula. In the southern port, a gate was built in honor of Hadrianus. Various structures stand in both sides of the main street, which is 125 meters long and 20-25 meters wide, and sculptures of famous athletes and people who served the city decorated the street. Remains of aqueduct parallel to military port can be seen.

Phaselis 4