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Patara Ancient City

Coordinate: 36º16’31.35’’K 29º19’13.34’’D Height: 17 m

It is on Fethiye-Kaş Highway, 41 km away from Kaş. It always protects its importance as the most important port city in Lycia region. Roman Emperor Hadrianus stayed here for a while with his wife. It is the birthplace of St. Nicholas also known as Santa Claus. Patara which protected the identity of the port city in the Byzantine period, lost its importance for its port being filled and turned into a swamp.

Ancient city is entered from a three-eyed gate as a triumphal arch. Many Roman period sarcophagi around the gate built in the 2nd century A.D. attract attention. Vespasianus (69-79 A.D.) Bath is located in the southern part after the entrance. There is a temple built in Corinthian order on a platform in size of 13 meters to 16 meters slightly ahead to the bath. Theater built in 147 A.D. rises in the southern border of the city. There are temples in the hill where the theater leans and has a beautiful sea views. There was grain depot (Granarium) in size of 67 meters to 19 meters built in Hadrian period, near the old port in the west of the city. Patara was a port that grain transported from Anatolia was stored due to the development of sea trade.