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Ottoman Village: Cumalıkızık

Coordinate: 40º10’29.72’’K 29º10’17.73’’D Height: 342 m

This historic village 10 km away from Bursa was established on the slopes of Uludağ. Cumalıkızık Village which protected the civil architectural pattern of Ottoman period was established in the 14th century when Ottomans settled around Bursa and Iznik. Existing buildings which have 300 years past is an important settlement example without many examples has come to today away from fire.

Stone-paved roads of Cumalıkızık where spring waters flow are too tight in some areas not to allow vehicle passage.

Ground floor of two or three-storey houses were built with wooden horizontal beamed rubbles, while upper floors were built with mud-filled wooden skeleton system.


In the museum at the village square, many goods are on display belonging to the past of the village. Cumalıkızık which is the focus of attention of local and foreign tourists with its historical houses, mosque, and even cemetery, can be reached in half an hour with minibuses and city buses.