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Ortaköy (Grand Imperial) Mosque

Coordinate: 41º02’50.57’’K 29º01’36.21’’D Height: 0 m

Ortaköy where you can walk from Beşiktaş is one of the most charming neighborhoods of the Bosphorus. It is a lively coastal neighborhood with its cafes facing the Bosphorus, bars, jewelry sales booths set up at weekends in the streets, jacket potato (kumpir) sellers and savory pastry (gözleme) sellers.


Ortaköy Mosque was built by Nigoğayos Balyan in request of Abdülmecit (1839-1861) in 1853. It consists of a two-storey sultan apartment with a plan of “U” shape, main venue with a square plan which is covered with a single dome. Built in a location dominant to the Bosphorus, and approach with a palace fastidiousness to the appearance bring a symbolic attribute to the structure.

Sliced façade with mounting columns which are enriched by carvings and reliefs give a very dynamic appearance to the mosque. Two rows of large windows provide a good illumination to the main venue.