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Olympos Ancient City

Coordinate: 36º24’32.04’’K 30º29’12.35’’D Height: 0 m

It is near the Çıralı Village connected to Kemer, and 25 km away from Kemer. Olympos founded in the Hellenistic period and one of the six cities of the Lycian Union was an important port city. City which was under the control of pirates for a while was captured by Roman commander Servilius Isauricus in 78 B.C. The heyday it lived during the Roman rule was ended because of the pirate plunders again in the 3rd century A.D. Olympos remained as a small settlement for a long time, and it was revived in 11th and 12th century by the Venetian and Genoese merchants.

The ancient city was formed on the two sides of a beautiful valley by a small stream. Among the ruins, Medieval Age Castle from its final period, a bridge pier providing passage over the river, a theater, a bath, Byzantine basilica and tombs can be seen.

Flames from the surface of the earth cracks near the ancient city of Olympos which was also the subject of many myths are interesting. The natural gas from underground shapes as a flame on the surface and creates beautiful images especially at nights. Here is called Çıralı or Yanartaş because of the burning fire since the ancient times.