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Coordinate: 38º37’33.88’’K 34º43’33.64’’D Height: 1225 m

Nevşehir was a small village in the outskirt of the castle at the beginning of the 18th century named as Muşkara. In this era, Ürgüp was a much more crowded settlement. The improvement of the village had started with Damat İbrahim Pasha, who was from Muşkara, prompting to high levels of the government. After getting married to Ahmed II’s daughter (Fatma Sultan), he was brought to grand vizier position in 1718. The famous grand vizier of the tulip era reconstructed and changed the name of the village to changed the name of the village to Nevşehir in 1726 which means new city.

Nevşehir castle that was built in the high hill of the southwest of the city in Seljuk’s period was restored by Damat İbrahim Pasha. As a one of the oldest monumental structures, Kaya Mosque was built by Damat İbrahim Pasha in 1715. Over the courtyard door, the symbol of the tulip era motifs was embroidered. Damat İbrahim Pasha Külliye (complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque) that is located in the southwest of the city was completed between 1718 and 1730. As a one part of the “Külliye”, Kurşunlu Mosque’s marble inscription was written by famous poet Nedim. A lot of fountain was built in Nevşehir in this period.

Must-see places 

Göreme Open Air Museum, Underground Cities, Damat Ibrahim Pasha Mosque, Hacı Bektaş Museum.

Do Not Return Without Doing 

Food: Nevsehir Fry, Stuffed Quince, Ağpakla, Dıvıl, Düğün Soup, Kesme, the local wine.

Shopping: Carpets from Urgup, rugs and pottery from Avanos.

Trips: Regions such as Göreme, Avanos and Ortahisar can be visited.

Entertainment: Balloon tours in Cappadocia.

Activities: Hacı Bektaş-i Veli commemoration, Hacibektaş, August 16th - 18th. Vintage Festival, Urgup, October 3th - 6th.