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Museum of Ephesus

Coordinate: 37º57’06.39’’K 27º22’528.58’’D Height: 28 m

Finds from Ephesus and round are exhibited in Ephesus Museum. In the House Findings Room, medical instruments of doctors of Ephesus, furniture, jewelry, statues of emperors and gods, and room of Socrates are exhibited. Statues of Great Artemis and Beautiful Artemis exhibited in the Hall of Artemis are the copies of cult statues in the Temple of Artemis that were made in the 1st and 2nd centuries. They were found embedded in Prytaneion. In the Hall of the Fountain Relics, various sculptures belonging to monumental fountains can be seen. Works such as torso of Aphrodite which has an impressive appearance, head of Zeus, resting warrior, Polyphemos sculpture group are exhibited. In the Hall of the Emperors Cult, friezes of the Temple of Hadrian and portraits of the emperors are exhibited. Head belonging to Domitian, altar and altar reliefs are also in this hall.

Pollio Fountain 6