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Muradiye (Murat II) Mosque

Coordinate: 40º11’28.57’’K 29º02’47.95’’D Height: 198 m

Külliye, which was built by Murat II who also gave the name of the mosque in years between 1425 and 1426, consists of madrasa, cultivation, bath and mausoleums besides the mosque. Worship area is covered with two domes and it has a rectangular plan. Niche wall is covered with tiled panels for two meters.

12 mausoleums "in the garden of the Muradiye Külliye lie under plane trees belong to sultan and princes. Mausoleum of Murat II is also in here and the other mausoleums of the princes are; Prince Mustafa who was killed by his father Suleiman the Magnificent, and Prince Cem Sultan who was son of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror died in Italy on his exile.